Verse 1

Off in the distance, Black smoke did rise.

As it moved in closer, we had to recognize.

We’re in more danger than it first appeared

Our lives would be changed forever my dear.


Verse 2

A blaze tore through the hilltop, wind fed the flames.

We all watched in horror, looking who to blame. 

And the wind it turned, then the fire slowed.

The forest cracked in silence as the embers glowed.


Verse 3

As the ashes settle, new seeds break through,

Reaching up toward heaven to create a-new.

The air that fuels the fire has lost its breath.

The fuel that burned so bright Has lost its depth.



Then came the drizzling rain. Rising steam released my pain.

As I clasped my hands to pray, She washed the flames away.


Verse 4

A new dawn has sparked. A new day begins.

Rising from the ashes, We start over again.

We start over again. We start over again.


 ©2020 Jason Manville – All Rights Reserved